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Welcome to the new Team Skip website. I’m Ken Hill, known professionally as Skip.

I’ve been an online trainer since 2001—for twenty-three years and counting.  A lot of online trainers say they’ve been coaching people for over twenty years. To paraphrase: twenty years ago, they helped a few friends and their mom lose some weight. 

I have worked with competitors since 2001 and became known in the industry for the dieting method aptly labeled Skiploading. I became very popular very quickly, and by 2005, my business was my only source of income. It was not a side hustle or extra money to buy my wife an LV bag; I needed to be successful to feed four kids, so I took it very seriously.


I have been bodybuilding for forty years and competing for thirty years. I haven’t competed recently, but I have plans to be back on stage very soon.

I’ve been a coach and columnist for EliteFTS for over ten years, a True Nutrition athlete for twenty years, and I’ve been podcasting bodybuilding content for over twelve years. I also own, one of the most popular bodybuilding message boards in the mid-2000s.

There’s a misconception out there that I only work with competitors. While that may have been true in the beginning, today, I also work with a lot of clients who just want to be big and strong or lean and muscular but have no aspirations to compete. I do not favor competitors over non-competitors. 

I have high expectations for my clients, and I expect my clients to have high expectations of me. 

If you can execute the plan and are committed to your goals, I would be happy to discuss working with you. 

Reach out to me for more detailed information about how I work with my clients, what information I would need from you, my current fees, or if you have any questions. 

years of transmogrifying since 2001

What they say...

"Thanks to Skip for being the best coach and most supportive dad through this whole process! Time to get some more meat on these bones. I went into this prep blind of what show day would look like. Would I even like it? My first prep couldn't have gone better!"
Skip's Siren
"Having worked closely with Skip for nearly 4 years, I can attest to his dedication to his work, his clients, and his own professional growth. What sets Skip apart is his emphasis on building genuine relationships and caring for each individual client, a quality that's essential in a successful coach.

Under Skip's guidance, I've transformed from a mid-level competitor to a 6-time nationally qualified athlete. While narrowly missing out on a pro card in 2023, Skip's collaborative approach—more like a partnership than a one-way street—has been instrumental in my progress. He values my input, considers my perspectives, and then provides his expertise and guidance.

Thanks to Skip, I've not only improved as an athlete but also as a coach serving my own clients. Working with Skip has not only enhanced my physique but also deepened my knowledge in training, coaching, and nutrition. I strongly recommend Skip to anyone, whether they're aiming for competitive success or seeking a healthier lifestyle."
Devon Grogans
NPC Physique Competitor


FREE Educational Content from Skip

As a token of gratitude for visiting my website, I'd like to share these sources of FREE educational content that I have put out into the ether of the internet.

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Regularly updated content providing my thoughts on—and helping you navigate—the ever-confusing bodybuilding landscape. I draw on my forty years of experience to tell you what works and what doesn’t.


Let's Go!

EliteFTS Articles

I’ve been a coach and columnist for EliteFTS for over a decade. In that time, I have written over 400 articles and coach logs.

EliteFTS Articles


Blood, Sweat & Gear Podcast

I’ve been podcasting bodybuilding content for well over a decade—in excess of 600 hours of FREE bodybuilding information. Tune into Blood, Sweat, and Gear to hear my latest thoughts about training, nutrition, gear, and the industry as a whole.

Let me take your physique to the next level.

I'll hit you back within 24 hours—usually sooner!

Let the transmogrifying begin.

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— Writings


I write about training, nutrition and self-development.


Longevity & TRTBB

In 2011 I released 'Longevity'. In 2017 I released 'TRTBB'.

Both of these FULL DVD quality videos are provided completely free of charge. If you feel the content is useful, please share and like/subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of all future content. Thank you for your support!

TEAMSKIP: Longevity (2011)

I was one of the first online trainers to offer so much free information detailing my training, nutrition, gear use, peaking for a show, and anything else related to contest prep. This was unheard of at the time. Over 20 hours of FREE information in an easy-to-understand format.

TEAMSKIP: Longevity (2011)

Let's Go!


After being forced to transition from cycling and competing to only using TRT, I detailed the changes to my training, nutrition, supplementation, and overall methodology to continue to be lean and hold the muscle mass that I had accumulated over the years.



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