Whether you're a veteran gym rat who wants to see your six-pack for the first time in years, or you need to lose 140lbs and have only been working out for a year, I'm the guy. If you are committed to your goals and can execute the plan, I will get you into incredible condition.

Contest Prep

I’ve worked with amateur and professional bodybuilders, figure, physique, and bikini competitors for almost a quarter of a century, bringing their absolute best package to the stage. I have built my reputation on conditioning from the very beginning.

Off Season

Building muscle is, at its core, the most important component when it comes to building a physique. It is also a very time-consuming process. I can help optimize your progress and save you months or even years of mediocre gains.


The process...

What is your goal?

Are you a competitor who wants to bring your best-ever condition to the stage?

Have you trained for a long time but haven’t been in great condition in years?

Are you new to the gym and need to lose over 100 pounds?

Are you ready to end a relationship, but you know you need to go back on the market in great shape because no one wants to see you naked right now, including yourself?

The only requirements that I have are that you can execute the plan and that you are committed to your goal.

Reach out

The best and easiest way to contact me is via email:

Alternatively, you can use the contact or social media links at the top of this site.

Work with me

I bring over 40 years of experience in the industry—30 of those years as a competitor and over 20 of those years training clients online. Every client I work with receives bespoke one-on-one coaching via my TEAM SKIP private client forum at Your goals are specific to you, so your plan has to be specific to you.
Transformation Completed


Your transmogrification is complete.

You will now be unable to pass a mirror without doing a double-take.
Transformation Completed

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