What I do is simple: I remove skin while preserving muscle.  If you have too much skin, contact me.

During the course of a typical 18- to-22-week contest prep phase, I consult on diet, supplementation, training, cardio, and anything else that will help you to be in your absolute best condition when you stand on stage.  I work with high-level bodybuilders to bodybuilders doing their first show and I have no preference between the two. I also work with just as many natural competitors as I do “unnatural” competitors. The only thing I ask as a prerequisite to working with me is that you must be able to execute.  If you can follow the plan and execute, you will get into insane condition.

I specialize in working with people that have challenging metabolisms and average to below-average genetics.  I have taken clients that have worked with other prep guys or other nutritionists and achieved little to no results, and helped them achieve a condition they once thought was impossible. I don’t get mediocre results so contact me if you want to be in your best condition for your next show.